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"I've been trying on women's clothes today whilst you were at work." I tell her all in rush. I'm not really mad but it gives me a reason to spank you doesn't it? "Get over my knee sissy." She quickly pulls my panties down as far as my knees and without preliminary begins smacking me hard, first one buttock and then the other. "That's it, good girl, you love the taste of your own cum don't you? " "Yes ma'am, I love the taste and the shaved cunt ma'am." "Okay, you'll need to shave us both regularly from now on. " "No ma'am." Another job for me, I don't mind a bit. Soon, whenever I masturbate I'm thinking about the two of them going at it, him on top, her all submissive. I've been wetting my panties thinking about taking you over my knee for a while now. That'll give you time to think about it beforehand. The noise of each spank is so loud I'm wondering if the neighbours will hear. I know it is important that I am obedient to my wife in future. The next Friday, my day off, I'm looking out of our front window and a man in full police uniform walks slowly past the house. Clean shaven, broad shouldered, walks with a bit of a swagger. As she sits down heavily engulfing it the pain from my reddened bum doubles and trebles. It's part of his job to get to know people on his patch. I've never told you but you probably guessed; the truth is, your dad was a willing cuckold. Nothing like that happened until you were well into your teens. I'm not convinced her meetings with the police guy are entirely innocent. Is it because she's guilty about masturbating thinking about him? Hence the erection when I read Carol's comments about Mr Police guy. From the sound of his deep confident voice it must be him. I'm told to be on the lookout for domestic violence. "Nothing like that officer, quite the reverse as a matter of fact." "What do you mean? She's on her own, struggling, with four young kids. I slink away, returning later as if I had been to badminton.

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I'm pretty sure you won't like it." "No ma'am." She's probably right but why has my cock turned to wood? I'm trying to be stoical about the intense pain but as the spanking continues I begin moaning and pleading for Carol to stop. Spanking is something that I had fantasised about for years but this is not the sexual thrill I had imagined. She's worked up quite a sweat, I can see it running down between her beautiful breasts and glistening on her muscular legs. I get up from my seat at the computer and pay a visit to the loo. Instead of going to badminton the following Wednesday night I do a bit of late night shopping, then go back to the house. As I walk up the path to the front door I can hear voices around the back.

I'm now looking at the women around the office differently, checking out what they are wearing and wondering how their outfits would look on me. A couple of weeks have gone by and I've noticed that Carol has been taking charge and making more of the decisions. As much as I find her domineering ways and demeaning comments humiliating there's something about it that excites me. I look at the list of jobs and decide that if I'm to be the 'little woman at home' I should dress the part. You know I like to do my bit for the local community. We flirt a little but he's never made a move on me.

It's as if we are living in the Victorian era when a woman's status was much less than a man's and I am the woman and she is the man in our marriage. Putting on the bra is the hardest part until I realise I can fasten the clasp at the front then pull it round to the back. A week or two after my eavesdropping around the side of the house Carol brings it up whilst we are lying in bed together. He's really nice so I said he could call in again when he's passing.

Whilst preparing the evening meal I consider staying in drag until Carol arrives from work. But I don't have the confidence to take the initiative and surprise her. But I've been rummaging in her drawers without her permission. I love Carol and like to tell her everything so I can't help feeling guilty about my cross dressing earlier. "Don't be silly, I had been thinking you could cross dress of an evening in the house. Hang on though, where did you get hold of women's clothes? Don't worry darling, I suppose I should have expected this.

In the end I blurt it out over dinner that evening. " "From our b,b,bedroom." I stutter, suddenly feeling ashamed. Those panties you are wearing were bought specifically for your use only but I don't expect you knew that did you? " Needless to say we fuck afterwards and it's a different, new experience. I cum inside her, then she pushes my head down between her legs.

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that are categorized broadly under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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Without getting too entangled in semantics, Elite Singles resident psychologist, Salama Marine, is quick to discuss this point.

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It also can be challenging to determine the level of compatibility of a potential partner through the traditional online dating protocol of browsing profiles and photos.

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Cette escroquerie est un phénomène présent dans de nombreux pays du monde, faisant régulièrement la une de l'actualité suite à des faits tragiques, et principalement dans les pays francophones comme la France, la Suisse, la Belgique, le Luxembourg, le Canada...